Yubo Introduces a Different Kind of Social Media App

The makers of the Yubo smartphone application understand that making genuine connections online is not always easy. Most social media sites focus on gaining as many followers as possible and getting people to like and share content. Yubo does not offer a like or follower option but instead invites users to connect over shared interests. Once they have connected, they chat privately, form groups about their interests, or comment and read posts from others on the app’s main pages.

Who Uses Yubo?

The creators of the Yubo smartphone app state that it appeals most to people between 13 and 25 years old, a demographic known as Gen Z. However, people of any age are welcome to join the site.

How Users Can Find Others Who Share Their Interests

When Yubo first released its application, users could find new connections by reviewing recommendations and searching interest pages manually. The makers of the app recently added a new feature that makes it easy to find new friends by using tags. When people sign up for an account, they have the option of selecting several tags that describe their interests.

For example, they might select five television series they like, sports they participate in or watch, and their favorite musicians. After selecting a tag, users can click on it to see a list of others who chose the same tag when establishing their profile. They can also look at the profiles of other users to see if they appear to be a good match. Yubo allows users to add up to 200 connections per day.

People who struggle to describe their interests or narrow them down will appreciate Yubo’s interest categories. They can select broad-level categories and then describe their interests in more specific terms on their profile or when chatting with other members directly. Although the feature is new, two of every three users opt to add tags to their profile when registering on Yubo. That number should grow higher the more people hear about the app and feel comfortable using it.

Introducing Livestream Onboarding

Another one of Yubo’s newest features is livestream onboarding. Here, users can talk with others in real-time about their shared interests. Due to the younger age demographic that it serves, Yubo has opted to have the microphone and camera default to the off position to provide maximum privacy and security.

Upon entering a livestream, users will see a tooltip interface that describes how to interact with the application. The instructions disappear after several minutes and a carousel of current and top-rated livestreams takes their place. Users will need to tap the raise hand icon when they want to participate in the conversation by typing in their question or response. They also have the option to just observe the livestream.

The only information users see about each other when using the Livestream Onboarding feature is a profile picture and link along with a unique username. Users can always click on the profile links of other users to see if they want to make a personal connection.