Why viewers are attracted to IPTV

For quite a while, viewers have been struggling with signal outages, link failure, out of communication areas because of skyscrapers in crowded urban areas. Viewers have been looking for an alternative TV system with which they will not have to face the problems that they have been facing with Satellite/Dish/Cable TV system.

Traditional Satellite/dish/cable TV system is prone to ‘out of signal’ issues during inclement weather like storm, overcast sky, etc. Viewers have been dealing with these types of problems for years. Many a time, the dish was unable to connect with satellite as there was no direct clearance/connection between satellite and dish. Cable TV has its own inherent challenges which could not be mitigated with Satellite/dish TV systems.

Another reason for dissatisfaction among TV viewers has been dedicated equipments to be exclusively used for individual TVs. There have been no portability and viewers were compelled to buy these equipments and it has no other use. Viewers also have to maintain these equipments and periodically replace these equipments to have better TV viewing.

How IPTV is technically better that other TV system

IPTV works on Internet Protocol (IP). IPTV providers provide high quality IPTV streaming content on Internet Protocol (IP). IPTV system does not face issues as faced with satellite to dish TV connections. It also does not get impacted with inclement weather as is with satellite/dish TV system. IPTV providers also offer HD IPTVto their customers for very high qualityTV viewing.

IPTV system allows one IPTV account to be used with more than a TV. As business policy, IPTV providershave limited the number of TVs simultaneously to be connected to one IPTV account.An IPTV account can also be used to view TV on other devices like Laptop, Desktop, IPAD, mobiles etc.

IPTV system does not ask their viewers to have one dedicated device for each TV at their homes. With one IPTV account, a user can comfortably watch TV on other TVs as well as on other devices like Laptop, Desktop, IPAD, etc.  They just have to keep in mind number to devices simultaneously connected to an IPTV account. This is as per the company policy of IPTV provider.

How viewers save money with IPTV systems

Since IPTV viewers do not have to purchase dedicated equipments for individual TV, so the viewers save money by not purchasing additional dedicated equipments/ set up boxes etc. This is a very common practice with satellite/dish/cable TV systems.

IPTV viewers also save money on maintenance of these equipments. They also save money by not paying for maintenance of these dedicated equipments. IPTV viewers also do not have to bother themselves for periodic replacement of these equipments.

IPTV viewers can use one IPTV account to connect with multiple TVs. Unlike satellite/dish/cable TV systems, an IPTV viewer does not take individual subscription for every TV. So, IPTV viewers save significant money by taking one or less number of IPTV subscriptions for multiple TV and use the IPTV subscription accounts optimally to save money and have high quality TV viewing.