VPN stands for the virtual private network.At home, you’ve probably got some route or modem from the telephone company or from the internet service provider that’s connected to your desktop maybe by an Ethernet cable or the smartphone and laptop. This a private connection meaning the information doesn’t go out onto the Internet it stays inside your house.

However, the moment a web page somewhere out on the Internet is opened, data streams through the modem down into your local phone company. Then travel across the Internet until it gets to the Server. It will then respond with some information that will return through the Internet into your local telecommunications provider down through to the modem and then back onto the PC or Android smartphone.

While every data is rushing around the Internet, it needs to know where they’re going and need an Address. There are various layers of addressing or a variety of addressing that. Still, at the most significant level, each of these packets of details has what’s called an IP address that appears in four numbers from 0 to 255 with dots in between them.

The modem or router has probably been assigned an IP address from your ISP. When the data goes through the Internet, every piece of equipment it touches, every router or Server connects to what is known as IP address, especially when it gets to the webserver.

 On the other end that web server will probably log both the IP address and log whatever you’ve requested. This is necessary because of trying to connect collect data about the number of people that clicked into the website when the peak periods are and for data analysis.

How to install an IPVanish in firestick or fire tv

  1. Push the home button on the firestick remote. When the home screen appears, click search.
  2.  Type in IPVanish and look for the correct site in the results.
  3. Click on the IPVanish icon.
  4.  Select download.
  5. install vpn on firestick app and add your login username and password.
  6. click on login after installing the IPVanish VPN app on the device, set a username and password how to sign up for IPVanish VPNusing your computer or mobile phone

A discount code is automatically applied when subscribing for IPVanish to get a special offer for your purchase. After entering the payment method, click on get IPVanish, and choose your IPVanish plan.

You get high discounts for annual plans. Generate an account, using a valid email address and password which will be used as username.Choose your reliable payment method .i.e. credit card or PayPal. Fill in the details to continue, click on pay with the credit card or pay with PayPal. A message will appear.

On the agreement checkbox, Click agrees to complete the subscribing process. Note that you can always cancel your account and IPVanish offers a 30 days money-back guarantee.

A confirmation email will be sent via email account. View the mail and click on the green button to verify the address.

You will see IPVanish thank you for your order and provide you with all the details you need to use. Now you are set to go, fill in the username and password boxes with your personal information used to purchase the IPVanish subscription and click on sign in.

You have successfully signed up for an IPVanish account. You are ready to start the safe journey through the Internet without experiencing any malicious third-party interference or speed throttling from your internet service provider.