The Latest Happenings at Yubo: Social Media on the Cutting Edge

It has never been easier to connect with individuals anywhere in the world than it is right at this very moment. The internet has allowed us to connect and enjoy one another at the expense of constant inundation of information. For people feeling overwhelmed by Likes and Follows and the social clout battle that goes along with it, the team at Yubo might have something exciting to offer.

What Is Yubo?

Yubo is a live social media discovery platform established in France in 2015. After quickly gaining ground as a popular platform due to its audio and video streaming connectivity, Yubo would become a groundswell platform for its Gen Z user base. Users connect through chats, games, and group live streams while seeking connections with individuals from 140+ nations worldwide.

Yubo seeks to provide its guests with access to social media in a way that is different from their typical consumption. Priding itself as a team that does social media right, Yubo has worked hard to create an experience that embraces its Gen Z base while giving them the technology to flourish.

What Makes Yubo Special?

Yubo is a live discovery application; in that regard, it works differently than other, more familiar applications. Yubo connects its users through conversation and live audio and video streaming. This tech focus is undercut by the need for more likes and followers on the screen, leaving users to embrace the content they share instead.

While individuals are live streaming to one another, Yubo powers its AI detection monitoring skills through the technology of Hive. Hive utilizes AI to scan and transcribe 10-second audio clips for further moderation and appraisal. If the content is found to be against the Terms of Service, Yubo will act to correct the issue by assigning a Safety Specialist.

Additionally, Yubo works with a series of features to allow its users to enjoy social media as they desire. Users of Yubo can use the platform’s “Muted Words” list to block out all phrases, emojis, and words that individuals may find upsetting.

Finally, Yubo helps its users make deep connections beyond the ones they brought to the platform. Utilizing the Profile Tag system allows users to connect in areas of mutual passion. Whether love is video gaming or a round of golf, a simple updated profile will lead to further results in connectivity.