Stick to a strict YouTube posting schedule

All social media networks prey on human psychology to thrive. They need you as a user to keep going back to their platforms in order for them to make money. They design their functioning around these metrics because of how your subconsciousness controls you without you knowing. If you want to become popular and successful on YouTube and most of the other social media networks, then numbers matter a great deal. You just have to have a ton of views, likes, followers, and subscribers depending on the platform you are talking about. When it comes to YouTube, likes and views are the ultimate measure of success. You can’t consider yourself successful on YouTube if you don’t have many likes and views on your content. You could opt to buy YouTube video views to increase your chances of success. The views you buy should not fool you into relaxing thinking that you have already succeeded. In fact, bought views constitute non-organic engagement and should only be used to attract organic engagement. Real people should see that you have many views on your content and lure them into viewing the same content too. This concept is called social proof.

Why making high-quality YouTube videos is important

Let us do an experiment to prove that the quality of your content matters in regard to how high the platform ranks your content. Simply type “how to edit a photo on your computer” in your search engine and pay attention to the quality of the videos that come up. If you are keen, you will notice that the video that appears as the first result is of significantly higher quality than the video that appears in the 10th position. You may ask, “Why is that?” That is a good question and here is the answer. You should understand that YouTube is a video-sharing platform foremost before anything else. As such, it makes sense that they have algorithms that rank videos based on many factors one of them being the quality of the video. Users of this platform also place a premium on quality of videos. As such, people will easily check out another video with the same content if your video is grainy. With high-quality videos, you wouldn’t need to waste your time and money buying views because you will just get them.

Stick to a strict YouTube posting schedule

If you don’t want tobuy real YouTube views then it would make sense to rely on organic engagement to make a step upwards. One way to increase your viewership is to make a schedule for posting content on your channel and sticking to it no matter what. What this does is that it keeps your viewers expecting something new from you. They will help you with creating awareness by sharing the expected news with their friends and family ahead of the video. Thus, your videos will have viewers waiting to view it before you even post it.

The minute you post it, it gains thousands of views within the first few hours, which will make it rank even higher on YouTube and in turn attract even more views