Products Made From Flowbot ONE

The laboratory in Sweden sells flow bot products which are liquid handling robots and it has been manufactured to assist manufacturing firms to manufacture products easier and faster.  It also has an intuitive interface that allows people to learn how to handle it quickly. The other amazing thing about the Flowbot ONE is that it needs to be programmed once and it will be good to run and you will be able to begin automating your Flowbot as fast as you get it.

Some of its applications are;

  • PCR and QPCR

The Flowbot ONE offers an accuracy of 1uL pipetting and it has unprecedented huge flexibility of users so that they could define their labware such as tips, vials and tubes and several PCR, RT-PCR and qPCR setups are easily handled by flow bot ONE.


Sometimes it usually seems so unnecessary to build your essay in a spreadsheet document that can be easily manipulated using the standard operations that you are conversant with. To be able to support this work, the following botE steps in any given procedure can be easily programmed to form an easy CSV format.


At times you may find it very hard to have your samples and materials in one comprehensive configuration, which is one container or in one particular orientation which is rarely the case in downstream procedures. To be able to come up with new layouts, a new orientation or a new container needs to be found which is a very tiresome duty for someone doing the work manually and this is where the Flowbot ONE comes to handle the issue because you can change it to do any task you want it to do.


The flow bot ONE robot can also be used in microbial air samplers which is an alliance that is mainly used in pharmaceutical and personal care firms together with food and beverage and environmental appliances. In pharmaceutical firms, they need USP797 which is needed for active air sampling in level 5 areas above.

Various flow bot ONE models have carried out the microbial air sampling job and all you need to do is to select the one that you feel like your firm’s needs more and one that you can afford. These devices have a huge range of accessories that are offered including 60mm adaptors android late adaptors that have been made with adjustable materials such as aluminium and plastic, bar code reader amongst other materials.


Flowbot ONE has come to save many labs from various issues such as delays from client’s who carried out tasks slowly or from customers who did not carry out their tasks well and those that could not adjust to various changes made in the lab. The Flowbot ONE robot is always ready to take up any task you give it and it gets the job done one time and does an amazing job that’s why all labs need to have this robot so that their work is done as fast as possible.