OnePlus smartphone launch roadmap leaks, six devices coming until September


Looks like OnePlus is getting ready to be Oppo by another name, massively expanding its product portfolio this year following the successful merger with its sister company. And it’s not just more smartwatches that we should expect this year.

According to a new rumor from a usually reliable source, OnePlus is set to unveil six new devices until the end of September. That’s a lot more than ever before. Let’s dive in.

Okay, so the first one coming isn’t technically a new handset, it’s the OnePlus 10 Pro finally getting its international launch, and that should apparently happen before the end of this month.

Then, in April, the OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite will become official following many weeks of leaks, rumors, and speculation. At the end of April, or in early May, the OnePlus Nord 2T will make its appearance, while in May the OnePlus 10R will be announced too.

In July the OnePlus Nord 3 is set to become official, and this one may also be called Nord Pro – either everywhere or just in some markets. Finally for this leaked roadmap, we have the OnePlus 10 Ultra (alternative name: OnePlus 10 Pro Plus), which should be unveiled in September.

All of these will definitely require a lot of work keeping software up-to-date and bug-free, let’s hope OnePlus will manage to do that better than it has in the recent past.