‘It’s unsettling.’ Young woman finds tracking device in car

ORONO, Maine (WABI) – Earlier this week a young woman made a discovery that terrified her.

She found a tracking device in her car.

Casadee Pelletier-Dugal tells TV5 her car recently broke down.

So she’s been driving a rental.

She and a friend got a notification on their phone their location was being tracked.

The tracker had the option to make a sound.

When they used it, they found the device in the vehicles trunk.

So they called police.

“I’m trying to think of like the least worst possibility of what it could be, like a parent who owned the car before left it in there by accident,” explained Pelletier-Dugal. “And then the car got brought to the the place where it was rented at and that could be it, but I’m not sure yet or it could be someone is actually either someone random or someone that I may not be on good terms with putting it on my car.”

“It’s unsettling, I can definitely see where it could be unsettling,” said the Orono Police Department’s Deputy Chief Daniel Merrill. “It’s just like any piece of technology. It probably was very well intended and is a very well intended device. But there are some people out there that try and use devices for other purposes that are not legal or not proper, or could be used in some type of criminal activity. Not saying that’s the case in this instance. It’s just with technology and sometimes things in general people are always going to misuse products and this is one of those products I could see where it could be misused.”

Police are working with Apple and the company that rented the car to learn more about the device and the vehicle.

As the investigation continues and they hope it’s just a coincidence, both want others to learn from this situation and be aware of your surroundings.