How to download instagram private reels 2022

Looking for ways to download private Instagram videos, Reels, and photos online? Our Instagram private video download tool lets you download private videos, photos, and stories in just a few simple steps.

Private Videos are only visible to account fans, so if you want to download a video, you must be a follower of that account.

To download the video, we need the source of the embedded video video page for Instagram. Our fast servers help you to get videos in mp4 format quickly.

How to Download Private Instagram Videos

Our site works well on Android, iPhone and PC. You only need a web browser to extract the video from its source. Tricksndtips is a well-known video downloader to download high quality mp4 videos on Instagram. As you will find many tools available online but most of them do not work. So here we come up with the solution to download private videos on Instagram.

Learn how to download a private Instagram video on different types of devices:

How to Download Private Instagram Videos on Android or PC

To download Instagram videos on Android or PC, follow the steps below:

  • Login to Instagram account
    Open your browser (Chrome (does not work on mobile devices), Opera, Safari, etc.) and log in to the Instagram account.
  • Copy Post Link
    Now go to the desired video post and copy its link.
  • It will automatically open new tab
  • Copy the text
    Select and copy all the text from the browser.
  • Tap the “Download” button
    After you tap the download button, the private video starts downloading automatically on your Android or PC.

By using our service, visitors can easily download videos from private Instagram accounts without any hassle.

How to download private Instagram videos on iPhone, Android or PC.

Just like Android or PC, you can also download private videos on iPhone. To download Instagram videos on iPhone, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Safari web browser
  2. Login to Instagram
  3. Search for a publication to download
    Now visit the private video post you want to download and copy its link.
  4. Generate new link
    Paste the copied link into the input box and tap generate.
  5. Open new generated link
    Visit the newly generated link and then select and copy all the text from the browser.
  6. Paste the text
    Paste the copied text into the tricksndtips text area above and tap the download button.
  7. Find the download link
    Scroll down and find the download button.
  • Touch and hold the button
    Once you tap and hold the download button, it shows you “Download Linked File” option, click on it (if the video starts playing, close the video).
  • Open the downloaded file
    Open the downloaded file and tap the blue share icon at the bottom left.

Private Instagram Video Downloader

  • Save to iPhone Camera Roll
    Select the “Save Video” option to finally save it to your iPhone camera roll.

By using this app, visitors can easily download private Instagram videos, reels and photos with just one click.

By using this app, visitors can easily download private Instagram videos with private online downloader.