How engineering is helping solve world hunger

Food is a basic human need because, without it, nothing else matters. Despite it being so important, there are still places where getting a meal a day is a dream for many people. Many initiatives have been made to ensure that these areas get food and the leading innovators in these sectors are engineers. Here is how engineering is changing how we resolve world hunger.

Vertical farming

One concept that has been experimented on and tested by companies like done on them shows that the results are verified. One of the reasons why so many households lacked food was overpopulation. Most people were living in apartments and did not have enough space for gardening. To help with this, engineers devised a way to do vertical farming. Vertical farming makes it possible for places to grow crops in smaller areas. It also comes in handy in areas where the natural elements are unpredictable. One can plant and harvest in a place with little to no outside interference. The only thing with this is that there needs to be a constant power supply. Without it, there is a huge chance that the plants will not grow. It takes more engineering technology and less agriculture to make this innovation a success.

Biological fertilizers and treatments

In a world where everyone is trying to be natural, farmers must get plants that grow healthy without too many pesticides. One of the ways to do this is to introduce bacteria and fungi that are important to the pants. While not many people might know how to ensure that the ecosystems work together for the greater good, learning about it earlier will help. Engineers have devised a way to ensure this is executed without an issue

Modernized farming

Perhaps one of the biggest breaks in innovation has to be modernized farming. Gone are how owning a farm meant overseeing thousands of workers just to get the job done. The labor force was huge and the pay was not enough. Thanks to innovations in the engineering department, this is now a thing of the past. Most farms now use technology created by engineers to help plant and monitor crop and animal growth. Famers get to know what needs to be done and at what time, working towards that. Modernized farming has also made harvesting easier and faster. With that, you can be sure that produce will be harvested in good time and get to the market before it gets bad. Such ensures a reduction in the amount of production going bad during harvest.

Engineering has brought with it great innovation, and in a way, it has helped significantly reduce world hunger. Even though we have a long way to go, we have made great strides thanks to innovations in the engineering field. As time goes by, these innovations keep getting improved and made more refined, showing just how much hope the industry has as a whole.