Are the Airtel Xsafe CCTV cameras trustworthy enough? Let’s find out!

We are currently living in times when technology all around us has progressed at a tremendous pace. There are further innovations with each passing day. With so much happening all around, why should the CCTV cameras be left behind? The modern-day CCTV cameras are equipped with all the bells and whistles that you may expect. But, is that enough? After all, when it comes to the security of your family and your loved ones, technology is not all. And with so many CCTV companies out there promising a wide range of features, you might end up getting confused. But that is not so, when you choose Airtel.

Airtel is amongst India’s most trusted and well-known brands. That is why, when you choose Airtel, you buy into the promise that a million other Indians have put their faith in. But wait, that’s not all. Let us take you through some of Airtel Xsafe features, that truly make it one of the most trustworthy CCTV cameras that money can get you.

The right indoor cameras for you

Airtel Xsafe has two indoor camera options for you: the sticky cam and the 360-degree cam. Want to know more about these amazing security cameras? Here are bit more details into them.

The Indoor Sticky Cam

The indoor sticky camera can be fixed anywhere and is quite a useful security indoor camera. With the help of its magnetic base, this camera can be fixed on almost any surface, and without any worries at all. And as for coverage, it comes equipped with a wide-angle lens that can provide a 130-degree view all around. Other features of the sticky cam are night vision, in person detection, two-way talk that enables seamless communication, motion detection and a lot more.

The Indoor 360 Degree Cam

This camera is not as mobile as the sticky camera, but this shines where the previous one could not. With its 360-degree view, it can see everything that is going on in your room. The 360-degree coverage is further amplified by a full HD video recording. Other features of the indoor 360-degree security camera include night vision that covers up to 10 metres, person detection, two-way talk feature and a lot more.

The perfect outdoor camera – Active Defence Cam

Airtel Xsafe also has an incredible outdoor camera that ensures you are aware of what is going on outside your house as well. You get a truly smart outdoor camera that can withstand the harshest of weathers. Therefore, no matter which season it is, you can rely on Airtel Xsafe to give you peace of mind. When you get this outdoor camera, you get your very own smart watchman, that is equipped with the industry’s best features too. Some of these features include person detection, intelligent night mode, active defence, IP^& waterproofing tech to go through any conditions and a lot more.

Hence, you can see why choosing Airtel Xsafe CCTV security camera is a wise decision. So, we suggest that you wait no longer. Visit the Xsafe site right away and choose the camera combination that best matches your needs!