All You Need to Know About Domain Names

A domain name refers to a string of text mapping to an alphanumeric Internet Protocol address. It helps with accessing a site from client software. In simple words, it is what a user types into a browser window to find a specific website. For example, the domain name for Facebook is

The real address of a site is a complicated numerical address. However, thankfully, users can type in human-friendly domain names to reach the websites that they are searching for.

Read on to know further about domain names.

Who Manages Domain Names?

Domain registries manage domain names and delegate their reservation to registrars. If you wish to open a website, you can buy a domain name with a registrar. As of now, there are more than 300 million domain names that are already registered.

What Parts Does a Domain Name Have?

A domain name is generally divided into 2-3 parts and each of them is separated using a dot. When you read a name from the right to the left, the identifiers vary from most general to most definite. The part that lies to the right of the final dot is the top-level domain (TLD). Examples of country-specific TLDs are ‘.in’ and ‘.uk’ and generic TLDs are ‘.com’, ‘.org’ and ‘.net’. The second-level domain (2LD) lies to the left of the TLD and the third-level domain (3LD) is to the left of the 2LD.

How Should You Choose a Domain Name?

Your domain name must correspond to your business name, brand or website. It should not only be specific and on-brand but also unique to make your site stand out. The name should be short (6-14 characters long), simple and easy to remember so that users can access your website without difficulty. It shouldn’t have numbers, doubled letters and hyphens. Keeping these factors in mind, you should check a domain name that doesn’t already exist with the desired extension (like .com, .net, .org or .edu). If you find it difficult to brainstorm an ideal domain name, you can rely on a reputed hosting provider in India to do that for you.

How to Keep Your Domain Name Secure?

After you register a domain name with a registrar, the latter is responsible for notifying you when your domain is going to expire. The registrar also gives you the chance to renew your domain while making sure you don’t lose its name.

Unreliable registrars prey on the expired domain names of their users by purchasing the domains once they expire. Then they sell the domains back to the same users at a very high price. Therefore, ensure to choose a trustworthy and honest registrar to avoid these risks and keep your domain secure.

Wondering where you can purchase a domain name? Consider a renowned provider of web hosting in India who doubles as a registrar. See if they are a global domain provider who can create a unique domain name for you lightning-fast that is closely relevant to your business and includes useful keywords to boost your ranking on search engines. Often the domain is free for up to 1 year.