About The cardano ada Wallet by Vaccumlabs

Cardano is a blockchain platform which offers cryptographic services to different wallets and innovative technologies. Adalite wallet is a hardware wallet which makes sure maximum security of the wallet and the funds of the wallet. The wallet is accessed by cryptographic words known as mnemonic without which the website or the wallet won’t provide the permission for the user to access the Adalite wallet. The same mnemonic code can be used for Deadalus the cardano ada wallet. The mnemonic code consists of 12 to 24 words which act as a key to the wallet and the website. Mnemonic code for the Adalite wallet is not to be lost under any circumstances as it ensures the security of the funds present in the wallet of Adalite.

Is Adalite wallet safe to use?

Adalite is completely safe to use as the website itself promotes and promises the maximum security to the users funds present in the wallet. The wallet is handled by a mnemonic code which every user requires to access their funds. Until and unless the user loses the mnemonic code to someone else the funds are completely safe and secure by Adalite. The mnemonic code can be used for Yoroi as well as Deadalus. The website supports hardware like Trezor model T and Ledger Nano S and X.

How to create a new mnemonic wallet?

Creating a new mnemonic wallet isn’t hard or difficult it is available right on the website. The mnemonic wallets can be created by generating new mnemonic on the website by any BIP 39 complaint generator. On the completion of the creation of mnemonic wallet, the user can export it to encrypted JSON which can be loaded next time directly instead of typing the code again and again as the user has to enter the mnemonic code all over again on every log in made on the website.

Is it necessary to keep the mnemonic safe?

Yes, it’s is very important to keep the mnemonic safe and out of the reach of other people as it gives complete access to your mnemonic based wallet. Once the mnemonic is lost to an attacker or any other person or forgotten by the user the Adalite team won’t be able to help the real owner of the wallet in any way to restore the access to the Adalite wallet or the funds present in the wallet.